Geleira Excursion™ 16QT

Geleira Excursion™ 16QT

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Delivery weight: 3 kg

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Capacity - Liters: 15 L
Product weight: 2.5 kg
Insulation material: Polyurethane (PU)
Outer cover / inner lining material: High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
Storage capacity: 1 DAY
Interior dimensions (cm): 32 x 25 x 21
Exterior dimensions (cm): 39 x 31 x 27
Highlighted features

Greater Efficiency

When a glacier comes into contact with a hot floor, heat is transferred directly to the glacier. If the glacier is lifted off the ground, heat is transferred by the air in the gap (air is an excellent insulator).

The glacier has two integrated round feet ensuring the perfect amount of space for air to flow. Research indicates that the most efficient form of performance for a glacier is spherical, but since it's impractical we angled the corners of selected models for improved performance. 
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4.35 € / unit(s) *
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M5 accumulator M5 accumulator
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M10 accumulator M10 accumulator
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Freez Pack M20 Freez Pack M20
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Delivery weight: 1 kg

IVA included without delivery


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