Weber Q 300 griddle

Weber Q 300 griddle

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The advantages of the hob

Cooking on the plate is easy to assimilate, fast, dietary and allows you to make surprisingly tasty and varied recipes. In short, it combines numerous advantages. It is one of the most efficient cooking methods to preserve the nutritional benefits and flavor of food. Regardless of the food placed on the thick steel plate, the temperature remains constant. It can be mild, in the order of 50 ° C, for cooking, for example, octopus confit with olive oil. But it can quickly reach 180/200 ° C to grill a piece of meat or fish. It then obtains a crunchy texture on the outside and tender on the inside ... In relation to the natural fats in food, they are evacuated without burning. You are therefore guaranteed to prepare very healthy and tasty foods.


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Weber Q 3000 Grill Weber Q 3000 Grill
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