Charcoal Barbecues

Campingaz® innovates charcoal grilling. 
After breakthrough innovation in the Gas Barbecue segment, Campingaz® presents a range of charcoal  Barbecues that combines the ambiance and the taste of a charcoal Barbecue with the convenience of a Gas Barbecue 
The Bonesco™ offers the unique taste and ambiance of charcoal without the hassle and long time
spent on igniting it. The new Quick Start Technology (featured by the QST Range) reduces the pre-heat time to only 10 minutes, using a Campingaz® CV300 cartridge. A simple push of the piezo button is needed for a successful ignition, every time!

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Product no.: 2000032369

Stainless steel brush with plastic handle.
It covers a larger grill surface when compared to our classic brush.
Total length: 36cm.

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Delivery weight: 1 kg

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Product no.: 3000001551

The Bonesco charcoal barbecue range combines the ambiance and taste of a charcoal barbecue with the convenience of a gas barbecue.



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